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“FrontLine Employee has solved the daunting task of providing my small team the benefit of a customized monthly newsletter in a cost-effective way. The practical tips on work/life wellness and training are so insightful, simple, and important. Our employees are able to take ideas from this wonderful newsletter and start utilizing them immediately!” --  Meredith Rosenow, The Continental Group, Property Management



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  • Improving Workplace Relationships
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Family, Home, and Community
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Effectiveness & Goal Attainment
  • Team Building and Productivity
  • Mental & Physical Health Education
  • Hot Health Topics
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Getting Help for Personal Problems
  • Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Customer Service Issues

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Company Newsletter Topics that Work
As you work tirelessly to meet your everyday challenges, trying to create a successful company newsletter with the right topics can be extremely difficult. 

Sure, anyone can throw together few topics on wellness and grab them from public sources, but you need people who are doing this all the time to get a company newsletter that will improve employee communication and offer productivity and wellness tips that will improve your bottom line.

Putting together a company newsletter is always about the next issue. The great feeling of being done with the last issue doesn't last long. So you need help. This company newsletter will take this burden off you shoulders and you will discover what original content really looks like.

You may not know where to begin with this task. So many other duties may occupy your mind that you may feel overwhelmed and have a hard time focusing and thinking clearly. So what should you do?

The most important step in writing a successful company newsletter is organizing your ideas and building on those ideas -- building blocks. 

Below are several tools and techniques to help you create a successful company newsletter that gets the results you want.

Steps to Successful Company Newsletter Writing

Step 1:
Create company newsletter topics that your readers will appreciate.  The first and most vital step in creating a successful newsletter is focusing on your targeted audience and its needs: Your employees.  But what's the need? What do employees want to read?

If you do a survey, you will find out in quickly. Many companies think that stress management education will be the most important concern of employees. Surprise---it's not.

The most important problem that employees typically want the organization to give more attention to is Effective Communication.

On a side note, it is important to realize that supervisors are often the key to improving effective communication and this package from WorkExcel.com may come in handy.

Your newsletter must communicate what is going on but also offer ways that help the organization improve communication -- communication tips.

Add wellness, topics on family issues because newsletters always travel home, and include how to achieve goals, improve relationships, how to be more effective at work, and you will have a winning combination of topics for your newsletter.

Winning means having your newsletter read.

All of these company newsletter topics intimately relate to managing stress of course, but poor communication is the issue that is driving your employees crazy, if you are like most companies.

Step 2: Gather internal company newsletter ideas from your employees and co-workers. But don't get caught up in the paralysis by analysis.  I always say the more the merrier, but be sane about it. Make a decision. 

Being open minded is a vital component to success, however.  Listen to what your employees have to suggest but draw a balance.  Sometimes the best ideas come from the people who help make it all happen. 

Every person has their own personality and characteristics and they may come up with ideas you would never have thought of for your newsletter.  You can take all these different ideas and pull them together to create a phenomenal newsletter.

Step 3: Create a company newsletter template that is readable. Use only 2 types of fonts, not a carnival of fonts and doo-dads. Make plenty of white space between articles. Look at other newsletter and magazines in the grocery store so you see how the pros make things look good.

Create a newsletter template that represents your company.  Use your company logo and colors that work well with your logo. (You can get a free nameplate professionally designed for your company newsletter--see a few when you subscribe to WorkLife Excel newsletter depending on the size of your company--that is the number of employees.)

Try to tie your name and colors in with your website look. When people look at your newsletter they should know right away that it is coming from your company and have positive feelings about it.

Step 4:
Be consistent with your company newsletter topics and ideas. Change is good, but don’t change the look of your newsletter continuously.  Let employees get use to your look, style and context. 

Change is good when you want to improve your newsletter or if you realize that your style and material is not reaching your targeted market. 

Step 5: Keep your material new:  You can find great article ideas by doing key word searches at a website called www.twazzup.com. This website will tell you what in the newspapers and media related to a key word.

Would you like to have an article on reducing negativity? Simply go to www.twazzup.com or go to www.twitter.com and type in "workplace negativity" or various gyrations of this phrase. You will quickly see sources and ideas. Don't copy or plagiarize.

Your readers want to read company newsletter topics that are fresh and new.  If you put old articles that your readers seen or articles from your web site you’re guaranteed to lose the interest of your readers. 

Keep the material in your newsletter new and fresh.  

Step 6: Make sure the material in your newsletter is accurate.  If readers find inaccuracies or misquoted facts in your newsletter then you can guarantee that they are not going to read the newsletter again.  Always double check your work and make sure they detect expertise behind the statements and content. Are you using a source from the internet that is a URL with zillion letters in it? Go to tiny.cc and shorten the link. Now you can put the link in your newsletter and people know where to go to get the information. Very cool. These links are permanent that you can create.

Step 7: Reach for the Stars: Organizing your time, setting productive goals, and creating efficient plans will help you achieve your newsletter goals so you can accomplish what you set out to do and learn how to turn your business dreams into a reality.  

Step 8: Motivating copy is the key: Create a company newsletter that is energizing and helps you spark the motivation that lies within your readers.

Make sure your attitude is positive and pleasant.

Your attitude will always rub off on your readers. Learn to encourage your readers, empower, and supply them with the motivation to succeed and go way beyond their expectations.

WorkLife Excel is your answer to great company newsletter and easy, cost-beneficial intervention strategy for helping your employees stay happy, healthy, and productive. Download an information package today and launch a great company newsletter with topics that inspire!

Daniel Feerst, LISW, Publisher-in-Chief Executive Editor and Founding Publisher 1-800-626-4327

Save Time Authoring Company Newsletter Topics

WorkLife Excel is the only newsletter for the workplace written, produced, and published by licensed professionals who are experts in employee assistance with extensive "in-the-trenches" consulting, training, and team-building experience. Only those with the experience write and/or approve content.

We discovered long ago what format of newsletter works best. So, we select color images for high impact and we deliver a welcomed frequency of two pages, monthly.

Get WorkLife Excel in print, pdf, or both. It always arrives a week early. You'll never be in a rush to get it out. Start today by faxing this order form.
What Company Newsletter Topics are Important to Address?

There a many companies providing newsletter services. Each one has its own unique selling proposition. Some are complex and some are easy. The big question for any customer is how much time to you wish to spend on managing your company newsletter topics.

Most of the newsletter companies will rely upon you to tell them what to include as topics for your newsletters. Other will have experience, so much so that their experience brings insight to the workplace and educates employees and management alike with useful stories that add to everyone’s health, happiness, and productivity. That’s WorkLife Excel.

WorkLife Excel newsletter is different because it knows the workplace. Since we know employee and work-life behaviors, we can author company newsletter topics and relevant articles that meet your objectives, but are always desirous to hear from you what topics you loved to address.

Current events can be important to mention in your company newsletter articles, but these topics need to dig a little deeper and give employees insight beyond what they already know from the mainstream media. For instance, if recent news about a child being abducted in Colorado makes national news, it is better to formulate an article about risk reduction, and what parents should be on the look out for in family members or neighbors that lead to abduction. That because most of these cases are family members or close friends of the family.

By writing and delving deeper when company newsletter topics are considered, your employees will already be interested in the topic thereby energizing their interest to your newsletter. Such a dynamic can cause your newsletter to be more likely read.  
Once a company is located in a specific country, the company should focus on the current events that might happen to the particular country, of course.

Other company newsletter topics that you should request or look to include in your newsletter are the following:  

•    #1: Workplace Relationships
•    #2: Worker Productivity
•    #3: Family, Home, and Community
•    #4: Personal Fitness
•    #5: Personal Effectiveness & Goal Attainment
•    #6: Team Building and Productivity
•    #7: Mental & Physical Health Education
•    #8: Hot Health Topics
•    #9: Stress Management Tips
•    #10: EAP Education for Employees
•    #11: Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
•    #12: Customer Service Issues for Employees
Avoid articles associated with entertainment, politics, sports, and food recipes. These topics are not work-life wellness and productivity related. Recipes consume your newsletter’s space and many people are not only bored with looking at them but it consumes space thereby reducing the value of the publication. WorkLife Excel hits all of these topics and it will save you time purchasing our content over spending untold hours researching and attempting to write your own copy.

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