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  • Improving Workplace Relationships
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Family, Home, and Community
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Effectiveness & Goal Attainment
  • Team Building and Productivity
  • Mental & Physical Health Education
  • Hot Health Topics
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Getting Help for Personal Problems
  • Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Customer Service Issues
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Empowering and helping employees is an essential workforce management goal. A newsletter is a critical strategy in this effort. If you don't need an editable, customizable newsletter like our most popular FrontLine Employee, choose this one-of-a-kind resource selected by the U.S. Small Business Administration for its employees--WorkLife Excel.

WorkLife Excel's content helps improve productivity, helps employees manage stress, and guides them in being more effective at work and at home. It targets the reduction of workplace conflict, improved communication, and promoting a positive workplace. Articles also help family members with home-life issues like parenting, time management, and of course, improving communication.

WorkLife Excel
helps employees "think safety", and includes articles to help lower rates of injuries and even faster recovery from injuries. Plenty of articles offer tips on dealing with difficult people, fighting negativity, building your team, improving morale, and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce. WorkLife Excel covers all the bases.

Regularly, WorkLife Excel targets problems such as substance abuse, depression, and a wide range of mental health and fitness issues. These include diet, wellness, stress management, positivity, and possibility thinking.

Articles in WorkLife Excel are empowering and authoritative. As you can see, you'll receive a beautiful newsletter designed for readability and attractiveness. Employees look forward to receiving WorkLife Excel, and they read it. They take it home, pass it around, and use what's in it.

WorkLife Excel makes the maximum positive impression on employees and those at the top. You will be proud to have your name on WorkLife Excel  just like our other subscribers.
The result is a newsletter to help you achieve one of your most important human resource management goals: having a happier healthier, and more productive workforce.

Why are we so sure you'll love WorkLife Excel?

WorkLife Excel is the only newsletter for the workplace written, produced, and published by licensed professionals who are experts in employee assistance with extensive "in-the-trenches" consulting, training, and team-building experience. Only those with the experience write and/or approve content.

We discovered long ago what format of newsletter works best. So, we select color images for high impact and we deliver a welcomed frequency of two pages, monthly.

Get WorkLife Excel in print, pdf, or both. It always arrives a week early. You'll never be in a rush to get it out. Start today by faxing this order form.
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Work-Life-Excel is  the single most useful, helpful and informative resource that I know of.  It is one of the best publications out there. Keep up the good work."
Denise Lee, Senior Employee Relations Specialist
U.S. Small Business Administration
Office of Disaster Assistance