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Best Jobs for Teenagers

Without a doubt the best jobs for teenagers do two things: 1) Give you money. 2) Give you employment experience. There are many jobs for teenagers. Let me give you one idea, but then be sure to check out my new E-book, 101 Jobs for Teens that you will find on this page.

Many people assume that the job of a restaurant host or hostess has only three tasks: greeting the guest, showing them to their seat, and inviting them to come again when they leave. What people may not realize is that the host plays a vital role in making sure the restaurant runs smoothly, especially during the lunch or dinner rush.

Hosts/hostesses control the flow in the restaurant by deciding where and when patrons are seated. This can be a real juggling act as you must predict when new tables will come available and make sure you are distributing the guests fairly among the wait staff.

Other duties may include taking reservations, dealing with customer complaints, assisting servers by delivering drinks, etc., and ensuring that guests are having a good time.

If you have an upbeat personality, good organizational skills, and enjoy working closely with others in a fast-paced environment, then working as a host/hostess can be a lot of fun. Now, would you like to have a better understanding of this job and helpful websites that will tell you all about this kind of work in such a way that you will be the most competitive person for the position when you interview for it? Easy -- for $7 purchase the  101 Jobs for Teens E-book that you will find here.

Jobs for teenagers are not all difficult, but this one is a lot more challenging than many. The people you will meet could be famous--local business owners, political figures, you never know. Movie stars have been discovered in restaurants as hostesses. Sound crazy? It's not! But the 101 Jobs for Teenagers Book and learn about this job and many more along with their educational links so you can compete for the teen job and get it!