Help Employees Stay Away from "Bath Salts."

“Bath salts” (is or are) synthetic stimulant(s) that affect the central nervous system. Derived from cathinone, a stimulant found naturally-occurring in the khat plant, these chemicals are sold as a white powder and usually sniffed, though they can also be consumed, smoked, and even injected into the bloodstream.

Because bath salts affect the central nervous system, their symptoms and negative effects are wide-ranging on the body. The drug can cause rapid heart rate (which sometimes leads to strokes or heart attacks), nausea, and vomiting. Psychological effects are also wide-ranging, including paranoid or suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and even seizures.

Bath salts are believed to be even more addictive than cocaine, and no workplace is immune from the problems and troubled behaviors of employees addicted to Bath Salts.

This program educates employees about bath salts, dispels myths, gives the facts and spells out the strong argument to avoid and steer clear of this horrendous chemical substance. The key message is don't purchase, use them, or remain around others who do.
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