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1. You don't need complicated employee newsletter software to have a great pre-done or ready to go employee newsletter. It is easier than ever with FrontLine Employee. We use MS Publisher or MS Word to provide you with an newsletter template that is complete when it arrives in your e-mail.

2. We eliminated the hassle of constructing an e-mail newsletter or company newsletter.

3. We created a newsletter with powerfully rich content from practical experience and then designed a newsletter template that works with Microsoft Publisher or MS Word. It arrives monthly with your subscription, and you approve it or change anything you desire. You can change frequency of distribution, articles, or format. Everything is in your control.

4. MS Publisher and MS Word are the most popular employee newsletter software programs in the world, although they aren't marketed that way by Microsoft. But we use them to make customizable employee newsletter solutions that has made EAPtools.com famous. Of course, it's also about our ability to write articles that employees want to read.

5. Remember, everything we produce is ready to use. We do the heavy lifting and all the work. You simply send the newsletter out, but you have the option of editing every word. Learn more about workplace and employee newsletters at America's Workplace Newsletter Blog on this page.
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DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC is dedicated to the development and distribution of effective publications, training products, and materials to support work organizations seeking more effective ways of managing behavioral risk, improving employee assistance program management, and improving employee productivity. Our goal: To help employees remain happy, healthy, and productive. 

We also know that many of you donít have the time, resources, or expertise to produce training tools, products, and work-life-productivity information for distribution to employees and clients, or businesses that you serve. Thatís where we come in. We help by providing the tools you need at the most reasonable cost. And we help you learn how to use them when you have technology questions. We will strive to help you reach employees and managers with the tools necessary to improve productivity, enhance morale, reduce behavioral risk, promote work-life balance, save lives.

Whether you are a human resources (personnel) professional, employee assistance professional, wellness professional, insurance producer, medical professional, occupational safety professional, or mental health professional in public or private practice, WorkExcel.com products and services will provide you with a competitive advantage and ability to help others. 

One of the unique aspects of many WorkExcel.com products is the ability easily use, customize, edit, and brand the products as your own. We know that many of you are experts like us, and that you have personal preferences for content or language for specific terms. Not all companies are the same, and their work cultures also differ. So many companies can't use the same materials. Instead the specific issues of the work culture must be addressed within the newsletter or training product. All of this is possible with WorkExcel.com products.

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ABOUT THE PUBLISHER: Dan Feerst, MSW, LISW is publisher of the EAPtools.com Web site and general manager of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC. Dan Feerst publishes customizable employee newsletters and customizable supervisor newsletters along with many other OD, HR, and EAP support training and education products. He began his employee assistance career in 1978 as a Social Science Officer for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Occupational Alcoholism Program in Langley, VA, and since then has served as a staff member or director for some of America's most well-known Employee Assistance and Counseling Programs, including the Kennecott Copper INSIGHT Employee Assistance Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture 22 Agency EAP Consortium, and Arlington County Government and Public Schools EAP in Arlington, VA. He has consulted with hundreds of small businesses on helping employees, intervening with substance addicted workers, and how to develop effective alcohol and drug-policies. Dan Feerst speaks nationally and regionally, and has published extensively in employee assistance. He was credited with the intervention model recommended for insertion in the U.S. Small Business Administration's Drug-Free Workplace Kit for Small Businesses by the Corporation Against Drug Abuse, a grantee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dan Feerst also consults on the subject of small business alcoholism/drug addiction intervention and training families in the practical approach to non-facilitated, family intervention. Dan Feerst is one most widely read EAP authors in the United States with millions of employees and nearly 100,000 supervisors reading his materials monthly. He is the author and founding publisher of WorkLife Excelģ newsletter, which was accepted as the official work-life newsletter for the 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress. You can reach Dan Feerst at publisher@eaptools.com. His phone number is 1-800-626-4327. See Dan's newsletter tips at is one-of-kind blog at Tips for Employee Newsletters and Productivity