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Thank you for previewing a few chapters of this training program. Per your request, we are sending you the complete training program on a self-launching CD. It will be configured for your web site so you can see how it might appear. Preview it for 21 days. Then, purchase or return it using the self-paid DHL/Airborne return label.

If you would some editing of the material in the training program so it conform to the policies and procedures of your organization, this service is without additional charge. Simply print the relevant pages, mark the changes, and send the program back to us.

We selected only a few of the 14 chapters from this training program. The entire list of 14 Supervisor Skills includes:

  • Mastering Constructive Confrontation
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Managing Unfit-for-Duty Employees
  • Building Your Team
  • Documenting Performance Problems
  • Communicating Effectively With Upper Management
  • Observing Performance
  • Resolving Coworker Conflicts
  • Giving Feedback
  • Delegating Work and Following Up
  • Investigating Complaints and Incidents Properly
  • Dispensing Discipline
  • Inspiring and Praising Employees to Build Morale
  • Acting to Prevent Violence