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WorkLife Excel is the only wellness and productivity newsletter produced from the experience of licensed mental health professionals and supervisor coaching pros.

Articles delve deeper to give employees unique and useful information on productivity, wellness, workplace relationships, and common sense. Articles touch employees' lives and inspire them to be their best at work and at home.

Many employee newsletters focus on employee needs, but few are written to also help the employer. This is where WorkLife Excel is different. Articles in WorkLife Excel keep the employer in mind while helping employees.

The goal is to help your employees stay happy, healthy, and productive, but also safe and effective at work.

"...WorkLife Excel has excellent content, a very professional looking appearance, and reflects well on you and the entire Office of Employee Assistance (U.S. Congress EAP). Thank you to all of you for making taking the time to deliver such a high quality product!" "Let Dan Feerst know how his content has resonated with [management office].

Executive Management (name withheld by request)
U.S. Architect of Capitol

I rely on you and your publications more than you know. My employees love it! So do I. :-) Great Job!

Patti Matthews
Comprehensive Worklife Solutions

"When I distributed WorkLife Excel newsletter, my companies instantly saw a true corporate-level publication and positive view of my EAP company. Employees love it! You can instantly tell the articles are written by an EAP pro. Dan, awesome job! Thanks!"

Joe Lemmon, LCSW-C, CEAP, SAP, President
HR Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

"Dan, thanks for your professional work. Your WorkLife Excel newsletter is getting rave reviews from our clients. We are very proud to have our name on it!"

Clancy Yeager, EAP Manager
The Phoenix Connection
Perrysburg, OH

"Dan, WorkLife Excel has given me the opportunity to reach all employees I serve. The information is timely and useful! The topics address issues faced by both employees AND managers."

Jim Seng, EAP Manager
Warren Hospital
Warren, New Jersy