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Quick Quiz: Self vs. Supervisor Referral
Select the appropriate answer for each question or enter the answer in the blank provided. When you are done, click the button to submit your answers and find out your score.

1. Your employee says she has marital problems after you confront her about coming in late and calling in sick. As a result, you recommend that she call the EAP. The attendance problems stop. However, two months later, attendance problems return.

True or False: Your prior discussion and recommendation to use the EAP was a "supervisor referral"?

True False
2. Some employees have personal problems, but no performance problems. How would you respond . . . .

Q. Your employee tells you she is having financial problems. She says if things get worse, she might have to file for bankruptcy. She has no performance problems. What would you do?

1. A. There is no basis for a supervisor referral, so tell the employee what you would
do if you were in her shoes.
2. B. Suggest she visit the EAP as a self-referral, but do not discuss the problem. 3. C. Make a formal supervisor referral because a problem like this could affect job performance in the future