LIST OF PERFORMANCE ISSUES (Print and retain for your use.)
  1. Missed deadlines.
  2. Errors due to inattention or poor judgment.
  3. Fluctuations in performance (alternating periods of unusually high and low work output by a previously steady employee).
  4. Lapses of attention, with increased inability to concentrate. Appears not to pay attention in conversations.
  5. Occasional complaints from fellow employees or individuals outside the work unit.
  6. Elaborate excuses.
  7. Confusion and increasing difficulty in handling assignments.
  8. A high rate of accidents (personal and/or property damage) on and off the job.
  9. Blames others for job performance deficiencies.
  10. Complaints of being treated unfairly by supervisors, other employees, the work organization.
  11. Absent without annual or sick leave being available.
  12. Absence from work site without good reason, without notice, or without authorization.
  13. Excessive sick leave use ( )with ( )without medical excuses being provided next work day.
  14. Absent on Mondays and/or Fridays, before and after holidays, and the day after payday.
  15. Repeated absences for prolonged periods of time (2-4 days, etc.)
  16. Excessive tardiness.
  17. Early departure from work without notice or without permission.
  18. Long lunch hours.
  19. Elaborate, increasingly improbable, and sometimes bizarre excuses for absences or tardiness.
  20. Complaints from fellow workers about attitude, behavior, team player issues, profanity, unpredictability.
  21. Overreaction to real, or imagined criticism. Inability to accept, use, and incorporate feedback given by others.
  22. Avoidance of coworkers, isolation-type behavior, decreased communication needed for team-building and maintenance of productivity.
  23. Undependable statements. Facts later discovered do not support earlier statements given.
  24. Exaggerated work accomplishments. Inability to recognize others' contributions, opinions, feelings, needs for validation.
  25. Grandiose, aggressive, and/or belligerent behavior toward coworkers, supervisor, customers, students, parents, public.
  26. Unreasonable resentments - "people are out to get me." "There is a conspiracy against me."
  27. Uses excuses that domestic problems interfere with work, attendance, conduct on the job.
  28. Evidence of financial problems, including borrowing or attempting to borrow money from coworkers.
  29. Deterioration of hygiene and personal appearance.
  30. Apparent loss of ethical values. Demonstrates disrespect toward supervisor and coworkers.
  31. Property is damaged, lost, stolen while in possession or being watched or guarded by employee.
  32. Excessive personal phone calls or use of a cell phone, or a pager going off while at work.
  33. Mood swings during the day.
  34. Mood swings from one day to the next. Unwillingness to "pitch in" and help out coworkers.
  35. Complaints of not feeling well to the exclusion of duties.
  36. Claims of getting help for various personal problems without improving job performance, attendance, or attitude.
  37. Inappropriate requests for outstanding recognition of mediocre job performance.
  38. Excessive apologizing for work, attendance problems, etc., without correcting problematic behavior.
  39. Refusal to follow reasonable instructions of work supervisor.
  40. Complaints of sexual harassment or other types of offensive behavior from coworkers/visitors/customers.
  41. Disparaging remarks, jokes, and humor of an ethnic or racial nature.
  42. Use of profanity on the job that is offensive to coworkers.