Outline for a Corrective Letter (Print and retain for your future reference.)
(These are guidelines. Consult your company's policies and the EAP.)
1. Statement of specific concern about job performance problem: quality of work, attendance/ availability, conduct/behavior. Include specifics: what happened, when, dates, times, etc.

2. Remind employee about prior conversations or discussions concerning performance issues, and when these occurred.

3. Statement of specific negative impact or consequences for the performance problem(s) stated in #1.

4. Statement of what changes are required and when these changes should occur.

5. Statement of possible consequences, administrative actions, or disciplinary steps if problems continue.

6. Statement asking employee to speak with you as soon as possible if needed to clarify anything in corrective memo relative to changes requested in paragraph #3.

7. Statement of support and value. Mention positive performance elements of employee (what is done well, skills, etc.) but emphasize need for change. Mention resources available to help employee with correcting problem, if applicable.

8. Statement recommending employee contact the EAP based upon the job performance problem(s) in case a personal problem of some type is contributing to the performance problems. DO NOT ALLUDE TO YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF A PERSONAL PROBLEM. An EAP referral by the supervisor is never based upon what the supervisor believes or thinks about an employee's personal problem, but the performance issues. Insert in your letter the name of the EA professional to whom you spoke and his or her phone number. This will make it easier for the employee to follow through.

9. Supervisorís plan for follow-up. Provide date when this will occur. Be specific about when you will speak with the employee again to see how things are going.

10. Thank the employee for his or her attention to the matter and end on a positive note.

11. Send a copy to the next level supervisor, as necessary. Send or fax a copy to the EAP.