Last Quiz: Monitoring Your Employee After an EAP Referral
Read the question below and answer either true of false. Click the scoring button when you are done.
1. TRUE or FALSE: Meeting with an employee after referral to the EAP, and planning specific dates and times for other follow-up meetings is a powerful way of helping an employee feel a constructive sense of urgency to follow-through with the EAPs recommendations and reduce the likelihood of a return to performance problems.
True False
2. You are angry with your employee and upset about her continued absenteeism and problematic behavior on the job. You decide to refer your employee to the EAP. Unfortunately the employee does not go after agreeing to do so. How should you respond?
1. A. Do not let your employee off the hook without a consequence. Give the
disciplinary action you originally planned.
2. B. Continue to monitor job performance, and respond if performance problems
3. C. Decide that the EAP doesn't work, and forget about future use of the EAP.