Quick Quiz: Making a Referral
Read the question below and answer either true of false. Click the scoring button when you are done.
1. If you refer an employee to the EAP, but do not consult with the EA professional and do not provide written information concerning performance problems, all of the following are likely to happen EXCEPT:
1. A. The employee will be completely accurate and forthcoming about performance problems. 2. B. The employee will deny significant performance problems and argue that the
problem is really with you.
3. C. The EAP will probe the employee for information, but the employee will deny problems. 4. D. The employee will say, "My supervisor said I had to come to the EAP, but I don't know why."
2. TRUE OR FALSE: If the employee is referred to the EAP, but refuses to sign a release, the supervisor will be in the dark, confused, and not know what to do if job problems continue.
True False