TIP 8: (Continued)
  1. Persuade your organization to promote work-life balance. How? Present a cost-benefit analysis that shows that passionate contributors produce higher quality work (while still enjoying personal lives) and that translates into lower turnover and better productivity.

  2. If your burnout stems from a lack of control over your work or your future, propose a change in your job duties. Try to carve out an opportunity to run a project, oversee a budget or initiate employee incentive programs. An organization that encourages supervisors to suggest ideas and put them into practice can save them from feeling like lost and dispirited peons.

    1. When you experience signs of burnout, such as exhaustion, frustration or apathy, talk it out with your boss. Come prepared with practical solutions (realigning your job duties, making staffing adjustments, etc.).

    2. If a mean or difficult boss is the source of your stress, clear the air. You may need to change jobs if you can't find a way to work well together.