TIP 10: (Continued)
  1. Another opportunity to demonstrate your leadership is in a crisis. Maintain your cool and spring into action. You may feel stress inside, but no one needs to know. Treat emergency preparedness seriously so that you know what to do in a disaster. Speak in your normal voice tone and tempo; if you start sounding panicky, it can undermine your ability to mobilize people and instill confidence. Take deep, slow, even breaths to compose yourself; it's easy to get caught up in a stressful situation and become breathless and agitated.

    1. For some supervisors, conversing with a senior executive can induce stress. But if you're going to step into leadership roles, you'll need to gain comfort chatting with the CEO.

    2. Rather than act flustered, use your limited time around a top executive to make a positive impression. Answer questions succinctly. Convey enthusiasm through your voice and animated facial expression. Don't grimace as you greet the person or lean away as if to escape; some powerful executives won't take you seriously if you don't carry yourself with aplomb.