TIP 2: (Continued)
  1. When you demonstrate the ability to listen in the midst of a conflict, you pave the way for peace. Others are more apt to heed your input and consider your side of the issue if they are convinced that you understand why they feel what they feel.
  2. Bosses may expect you to defer to their authority before they agree to bury the hatchet. That's fine, as long as you can remain true to yourself and express your concern in a forthright manner. And both your bosses and your peers may want you to acknowledge that you're wrong and agree to act differently in the future.
  3. You'll reduce your stress more dramatically if you negotiate a long-term peace in which both parties make commitments, concessions and acknowledge at least some responsibility for the conflict. If you're the only one who seems willing to do so, ask, "I've discussed my role in this and what I'll do from now on. What's your role-and what you can do from now on?"