Using the EAP in Supervision

You will need speakers and access to the internet to complete this course.

After completing the course, use your back arrow button at the top of your computer screen (it's probably green) to return here. Then, click the blue arrow buttons shown to your right to answer all twelve test questions that follow.

After answering the test questions, score your test with the scoring button. Questions that you answer incorrectly should be answered again. After correcting your answers, re-score your test so you get 100%.

Obtain your Certificate of Completion. Print the certificate for your records. Retain a copy and/or provide one to your test administrator, HR department, or EAP. If you do not have a printer, you can copy the text and paste it to a document or email it. Caution: Once you close out of the program, you will not be able to return and view the certificate unless you start over and answer the test questions again.


This is a preview copy and shows the first ten of the 59 images. To purchase the full program, phone 1-800-626-4327. The price is $595 plus $15 S/H. E-mail your logo, EAP name, and phone number to and we will place it on the program and the certificate. You may also preview the full program at no cost or obligation. This program is available in 1) PowerPoint, 2) PowerPoint with sound, 3) Flash, 4) a portable CD that self-launches (called an autorun/exe), 5) a DVD of the PowerPoint program, and a web-course similar to this without the flash movie. It has static images, but it is self-contained and can be viewed from any computer or uploaded to your web-site.