Stress Management: Web Course, PowerPoint, Flash, DVD, Employee Stress Training
If you are looking for a stress management training program that delivers a virtual fire hose of practical tips, while reaching more employees than ever, this power tool for EAPs (or any company) will do it. It will put your EAP, health and safety program, or human resources department ahead of the curve toward the goal of helping employees manage stress.

Ten Stress Management Tips for Employees weaves in dozens of ideas, strategies, and tactics into a presentation that helps employees feel better at work and at home. It will help them gain more control over the effect of pressures they face every day. Employees will get ideas for managing stress that they've never heard.

Six different formats are available, including two different Web course options. The program delivers the goods in a way only a PowerPoint product can. With PowerPoint, you can stuff information into many formats and turn them into movies--even DVDs. And that's what we've done.

Web formats include test questions and a certificate of completion. Choose sound, Flash movie, or text-only without sound. Also available is a standard PowerPoint for live presentations with an instructor's script. There is also a PowerPoint Show for automated play, a self-playing movie CD for portable use at health fairs and special events, Flash files for upload to your Web site for a "one-click" movie, and a DVD format. The DVD runs in any standard, non-computer style DVD player.

All formats are easy to use and upload. They are self-contained and have no links or log-in requirements to our Web site. There are no "per-user" fees, and the entire program is self-contained within your control. Your logo can be placed on the first page of any program, and with Web courses you can have your own handouts--EAP policy, letter of welcome, brochure, etc.--inserted as click-able links. (Phone for information about these customized options.)The most fascinating feature is your Web course's ability to reach family members. Excited? We are the only company on the net offering this robust capability in a stress management program.

Preview a small portion now or the full program on this page. Follow the instructions to purchase or have us send you a free preview in the specific format you want to examine further. Phone 1-800-626-4327 for faster service. Take up to 60 days with any preview. There's no rush. We send return postage, of course! Simply indicate your agreement with our simple preview policy found on this page.
Time: 32 Minutes; Multiple formats   Discounted Price: Starts at $395 + $15 S/H

Formats: See formats explained here

Requirements: You must have a password protected page on your Web site to operate this program with any Web use format. Your web master can easily establish one.

Guarantee:  100% money-back guarantee at anytime for a full year from the date of purchase. Preview now without payment. Decide later. FREE UPS shipping return label if you don't make a purchase. Absolutely risk free.
       How to Purchase:
  • Phone 1-800-626-4327
  • Use secure shopping cart this page
  • Request "bill later" or "free preview"
  • OFFLINE/FAX FORM to (843-884-0442)
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Make Stress Management Easy to Reach
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What this Product Will Do:
  • Help employees be happier. Stress relief improves the ability to feel and look on the positive side of things and increases the joy of living.
  • Help employees reduce excessive stress that can lead to poor health outcomes
  • Help employees look better and feel healthier with practical stress relievers
  • Help employees really think about diet so they manage blood sugar levels, keep their emotions in check, and are more resilient to stress
  • Motivate employees to get regular exercise to help them blow off steam and increase "frustration tolerance".
  • Help employee increase productivity with the ability to stay more focused.
  • Help employees improve sleep, feel more engaged, and less stressed at the end of the day.
  • Help employees improve their attitude--a habit that can actually be learned.
  • Help employees be more optimistic so set-backs and failures roll off their backs easier, allowing them to achieve more.
  • Help employees reduce their "walking around stress" with everything from breathing exercises to mental exercises that put the brakes on runaway stress
  • Help employees reduce the effect of stress that can sap energy!
  • Demonstrate that your program is on top of a key problem--STRESS--that's facing employees this year more than ever, so you easily answer management's #1 question, "Hey, what's the EAP doing about stress?"
  • Possess a program that improves your EAP's image
  • Instantly add more value to your program or service
  • Increase EAP utilization--this program advocates use of the EAP in every stress tip. (Ask for the non-EAP version if you need to omit this feature.)
  • Take advantage of the technological capability of your web site
  • Add content to your web site to make it interactive and improve your marketability
  • Improve your web site's return on investment (ROI)
  • Save money and time on training while reaching more people than ever before!
  • Show better statistics to prove your program's worth
  • Add a prevention service that will run "hands-off", automatically giving you free time for other important work, even as you rack up higher utilization--amazing.
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day--even reach family members, perhaps for the first time ever.
  • E-mail the start link to employees, customer prospects, interested persons, or groups in conferences, seminars, and team meetings.
  • Train employees in the field or away from the employer's location
  • Seamless appearance makes it "your program" with your logo prominently placed with colors matching your Web site -- ask about this low cost option. It can done for under $75.
  • This Inexpensive, yet high quality won't break your budget.