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The Awesome 101 Teen Jobs E-Book
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This book is free to teenagers surfing the web (or moms and dads). However, if you are an institution, school, or community organization, please use the shopping cart to purchase 101 Teen Jobs which may then be shared within your organization on a protected web page. Thank you.
This is a dream-come-true, one-of-a-kind e-book and is what every teen on the planet has been searching for and wishing to find. Now it's yours--free!

 Download 101 Jobs for Teens now. It's complete with 101 job ideas you can start checking out and going after immediately upon download. But get this: You also get three educational links with each job description/idea. Simply jump to this educational links and learn about the job to act, sound, and feel like genius when you interview for any position. In some cases, you will even create your own job with the ideas in this guide.

This dynamite source document will help you find a job, create a job, educate yourself about that job, and then most importantly--GET HIRED!

(P.S. When you start making money save half for college or retirement!)

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