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Alcohol and Drug Education for Supervisors
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Alcohol and Other Drugs at Work: What Supervisors Should Know

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Your choice of formats: DVD of PowerPoint, Web-course, PowerPoint with Sound/Narration, and more. Includes 64 images, our exclusive page-by-page QuikTrainTM manual, reproducible handouts, and reproducible Certificate of Completion for attendees! Some formats are completely editable to suit short training times-sort, edit, delete, append.

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  1. PowerPoint
  2. PowerPoint (animated/narrated) 9 of 60
  3. Web Course (text/graphics only)
  4. Web Course w/ Certificate (animation/sound)
  5. DVD of PowerPoint (appears like #2)
  6. Flash (for one-click launching on web site)
  7. Auto-launching CD (appears like #2)
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