Supervisors Help Employees with EAP Referrals
Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program:
An Orientation for Employees
This is an abbreviated view of the web-based program, "Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program: Orientation for Employees". We are sending you a fully functional program to preview for 60 days at no cost or obligation. Once the program is purchased, customization is available at little or no cost so it matches the policies and procedures of your EAP.CONTACTING THE EAP

You may contact the Employee Assistance Program 24-hours a day, seven days per week at 1-800-555-1234. BEFORE YOU BEGIN THIS ORIENTATION PROGRAM

When you started this web-based orientation program, you should have been prompted to type your name in a text box to receive a personalized Certificate of Completion . If this DID NOT happen, and you wish to have a completion certificate for this EAP orientation program, reset the prompt for the certificate now by going directly to the end of the course (until you see the blank certificate). Close the course and restart it. You will then see the prompt for personalizing your certificate. INSTRUCTIONS

This orientation program will give you information about the Employee Assistance Program. It will give you an overview of the how the program works and how you and your family can use it to remain happy, healthy, and productive. Be sure to view all the contents on each page by scrolling where indicated. Use the BLUE forward and backward buttons to navigate the course. Print any page you would like to have for future reference.If you must quit the course early, be sure to click the "SAVE" BUTTON in the left-hand margin to create a bookmark. When you restart the course, click on the "GO TO" BUTTON to return to where you left off.Contact your employee assistance professional if you have any questions about the EAP after completing the orientation program. Also, be sure to read your organization's EAP policy. Top management endorses the EAP and encourages every employee to take advantage of this free service.Enjoy the course and reap the benefits EAPs promise employees.

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