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Remember! There are nine total tips sheets, plus the five minute Flash movie for supervisors! Get the whole kit so you can resolve workplace communication problems and get on with your job and the productivity needed in your workplace. Stop losing time dealing with the problems of workplace communication with the help of this effective workplace communication kit.
  • Ten Breakthrough Tip Sheets for Employees Educate, Instruct, Guide, and Support Change in Your Workplace
  • One Five Minute Self-play Flash Movie on CD Instructs Supervisors in How to Resolve Coworker Conflicts -- [See 45 seconds of it now]
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dan Feerst, MSW, LISW is publisher of the WorkExcel.com and Supervisortools.com. He has served as a staff member or director for some of America's most well-known Employee Assistance and Counseling Programs, including the Kennecott Copper INSIGHT Employee Assistance Program in Salt Lake City, Utah, the U.S. Department of Agriculture 22 Agency EAP Consortium, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency EAP, and Arlington County Government and Public Schools EAP in Arlington, VA. Dan Feerst speaks nationally and regionally, and has published extensively in employee assistance. He is the author and founding publisher of WorkLife ExcelŽ newsletter, tthe health and productivity newsletter for the employees of the U.S. Congress. You can reach Dan Feerst at 1-800-626-4327 or e-mail him at publisher@workexcel.com.
It's Never Too Late to Save Your Workplace
Cold stares, back-biting, morale problems, anger management issues, confusion, absenteeism and "availability" problems, rumors, "cliques", threats of resigning, and disrespect--yep, you have a case of problematic workplace communication blues. The risk is this--productivity is suffering and a nasty incident, possibly violence, may not be far off.

Industrial Strength Effective Workplace Intervention Kit
We assembled a never-before-seen set of resources that include reproducible, editable, e-mailable, and "web-usable" tip sheets that will target the workplace communication problems in your workplace like a hot knife through butter. These fact sheets come as pdfs, MS Word, and MS Publisher. But there's more...

We also produced a 5 minute Flash movie from a narrated, dynamic PowerPoint program, and turned it into a self-run CD just for supervisors. It gives them the knowledge and skills to resolve coworker conflicts when employees can't do it for themselves. Conflict resolution skills are essential for supervisors to know. These skills can prevent enormous loss.

This intervention kit will attack and defeat problematic workplace communication, and you will notice an immediate curtailment of anger, hostility, irritation, and cynicism among employees or your money back at any time!

You will receive these Nine Breakthrough Tip Sheets. Each one is editable, reproducible, e-mailable, Web-usable, and comes in PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher formats so you can add your own content to them or change ours.

  • Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace
  • Do-It-Yourself: Resolving Coworker Conflicts
  • Dealing with Workplace Negativity
  • Improving Your Relationship with Your Supervisor
  • Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  • The Art of Giving Feedback
  • Respecting General Differences Among Employees
  • Letting Go of Your Control Issues
  • Workplace Tolerance and Bias Awareness
The Supervisor Employee Conflict Resolution Flash Movie
Help supervisors and team leaders intervene effectively to help end conflicts, teach employees conflict resolution skills, and reduce the behavioral risk associates with coworker discords. (Information packed five minute Flash movie with sound and animation, made from PowerPoint, autoplays on any computer.) Employee Conflict Resolution PowerPoint and Other Formats