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Jobs for Fourteen Year Olds

Jobs for fourteen year olds are hard to come by because age fourteen is too young for some employment opportunities. However, it is an important age to start saving money to learn investment skills and acquire financial independence from parents. Jobs for fourteen year olds do not include operating motor vehicles, working on construction or repair sites, or working in manufacturing or mining occupations.

One great job for fourteen year olds is becoming a Gift Wrapper. This unique job description is safe and allows the teenager to set his or her own price. Gift wrapping is very time consuming, especially for adults with multiple children. People hire gift wrappers to professionally package the gifts they have purchased for others. Although you can find work throughout the year, you will find that holiday seasons, such as Christmas, create the most demand for your services.

You should be prepared to take advantage of this by putting in longer hours during these times. You will need to supply your own materials, such as wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon, etc. It’s important to advertise your services well, and you may even be able to arrange to temporarily set up within a local mall or gift store. Send out flyers or a business card throughout your community. Ask a local book store or clothing store if you could set up your business at their front doors and give them 10% of your profit for the week. Be creative!!

Other jobs for fourteen year olds include becoming a House Keeper. Please, only work for people who you know, and who your adult guardians approve of because not everyone is friendly. Housekeeping duties include: vacuuming and scrubbing floors, dusting, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, washing walls, and so on. It is important to get a specific outline of your job duties when the client first hires you.

Also, check if you need to supply your own cleaning equipment and supplies, or if they will be provided. Housekeeping can be a very laborious and ‘back-breaking’ job. Make sure you take measures to stay physically fit and healthy (i.e. stretching). Even though this job is difficult, you can set your own price and help out a neighbor in need. Doing service for others benefits you financially and spiritually, as you will feel the rewards from a “job well done.” 

For more information on jobs for fourteen year olds, purchase my E-book, 101 Jobs for Teens and read up on 101 different jobs! Search the URL links in my E-book to further your knowledge about a job and start applying today!! Good luck in your search for jobs for fourteen year olds!