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1. About Us

WorkExcel.com is owned by DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC. We are located near Charleston, South Carolina. Our product offerings are for human resource and safety managers, training professionals, workforce management professionals, occupational health professionals, and employee assistance professionals.

We strive to produce materials that target employee behavioral issues in the workplace, their associated risk, improving supervisor skills, and improving work-life balance.

We started operations in 1994 with the publication of  the FrontLine Supervisor newsletter. It is still one of our most popular products. It is an editable, reproducible, and e-mailable publication that educates managers, supervisors, and team leaders in how to manage employee productivity, intervene with troubled employees, and improve job performance. It offers skills education to help supervisors become better managers of themselves and those they supervise. We have written over 800 questions and answers on the supervisor's role to date.

We the publisher of the work-life newsletter distributed to the 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Small  Business Administration, and the U.S. Air Force Academy among other prominent work organizations. The newsletter is available by subscription to any company. See video description: WorkLife Excel Movie

Weoffer publications, training products, free informational tools, ideas, and tips to support employers, and those who serve employers with the mission of helping employees remain happy, healthy, and productive.  Our goal is to also help employers reduce behavioral risk exposures and loss of productivity that flow from employee behaviors influenced by behavioral health conditions, stress, addictive disease and substance abuse, conflict at work, personal troubles, inappropriate and risky behavior, and reactions to events like violence, trauma, and loss.

Our customers include:

  • human resource professionals, trainers, and benefits consultants
  • employee assistance professionals
  • substance abuse counselors
  • wellness and occupational health professionals
  • insurance agents and those who strive to help employers reduce risk
  • family medical practice professionals
  • safety professionals
  • mental health professionals in public or private practice
  • organizational development professionals
  • small business owners or their office/business managers

WorkExcel.com's products and services provide you with the ability to help more employess, clients, or patients. In many cases, our products allow you to reach their family members and significant others as well.

One of the unique aspects of many WorkExcel.com products is the ability to edit or brand material so it works seamlessly with your organization's Web site or educational program.  Many of our products are offered in several media formats. We know that many of you are experts in your fields, with preferences for specific topics, content, and specific terms for health conditions, etc.. Not all companies are the same and work cultures differ, too. So, modifications must be made to training materials, and this feature must be part of the product you purchase. We give you this control over most products, either at your end after purchase or prior to purchase, by helping you with customization, adding your logo, taking our name off the product, etc.

Daniel A. Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP, Publisher

About Dan Feerst

ABOUT THE PUBLISHER: Dan Feerst, MSW, LISW is publisher of the WorkExcel.com, author of all content on the Web site, and general manager of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC. Dan Feerst publishes customizable employee newsletters and customizable supervisor newsletters along with many other OD, HR, and EAP training and education products. He began his employee assistance career in 1978 as a Social Science Officer for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Occupational Alcoholism Program in Langley, VA. Since then, he has served as a staff member or director for some of America's most well-known Employee Assistance and Counseling Programs, including the Kennecott Copper INSIGHT Employee Assistance Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture 22 Agency EAP Consortium, and Arlington County Government and Public Schools EAP in Arlington, VA. He has consulted with hundreds of small businesses on helping employees, intervening with substance addicted workers, and how to develop effective alcohol and drug-policies. Dan Feerst speaks nationally and regionally, and has published extensively in employee assistance. He was credited with designing the intervention model recommended for insertion in the U.S. Small Business Administration's Drug-Free Workplace Kit for Small Businesses by the Corporation Against Drug Abuse, a grantee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dan Feerst also consults on the subject of small business alcoholism/drug addiction intervention and trains families in the practical approach to non-professionally facilitated, family interventions. Dan Feerst is one most widely read EAP authors in the United States with millions of employees and over 100,000 supervisors reading his materials monthly. He is the author and founding publisher of WorkLife ExcelŪ newsletter, which was accepted as the health/productivity newsletter for the 12,000 employees of the U.S. Congress. You can reach Dan Feerst at 1-800-626-4327 or e-mail him at publisher@workexcel.com.

(Resume, January 2008)