EAP Utilization Improvement Training and EAP Orientation
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25 Ways the EAP Can Help

Why: The use of your employee assistance program is critical to the program's survival. So your goal must be to improve it each year, not just hope it will stay the same. Let it drop, allow your program to become an afterthought, or lose communication with management decision-makers and you're finished. Then, it's hello managed care take-over.

Also...one secret to improving your EAP utilization is effective orientation of employees so they will think about you and use the EAP. You have to get this one right. WorkExcel.com and DFA Publishing and Consulting is all about improving your EAP utilization. You know that about us by now, especially if you're smart enough to have an EAP newsletter for employees and one for supervisors.

We created this program to blow the lid off your past utilization and take it to new heights. And if you are a newsletter subscriber, we're giving you 25% off this program, but only until October 13th, 2013. (You'll need to phone me directly to get it.) Yes, we can invoice you later.

Who: New Employees for sure, and employees who need refresher training. And, yes, supervisors. Have your supervisor training include what employees are seeing. Not only are you marketing to them, but you're helping them understand how EAPs work.  With the Flash video format of this program, you'll reach family members and in turn jack up your utilization even more.

More Info: Editable Content in PowerPoint! Add logo. Delete content. Amend at will!

Price: $497 PowerPoint/Sound (editable/brand-able with your logo or program information), DVD, Video; Add $200 for the Web Course version--uploads to your web server in minutes.
Format includes professional narration, sound, test questions, handout, certificate of completion.)

To Order:  a) Phone 1-800-626-4327 or use Shopping Cart

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Improving EAP Utilization