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Employee Engagement "Cookbook"

There's always something keeping top management lying awake at night with stomach juices flowing up and through their eyeballs.

One of these things is how to increase "employee engagement".

Employee engagement is hot. It's even earned its own Wikipedia entry.

The problem of employee engagement isn't new, but economic desperation makes it an attractive problem.

employee loyalty and counterproductive workplace behaviors add to the need for really
"turned on" workers.

In short, employee engagement means unconditional love, loyalty, and excitement about producing at maximum output, self-motivated by love of the job and the employer."

Not too many employees fall into this category.

question is...can we positively influence this behavior? And an even better question is, "What's your role?" The free download in this issue of the WorkExcel Toolbox will answer this question for you. I love this 10 pager.

I searched for a short, well-written cookbook on the "recipe for conjuring up engaged employees". Give luck the credit. This author hits the sweet spot on the topic. I promised him a link to his website, so you'll see it at the end of the E-book.

Also, here's a download to a compilation of WorkExcel.com catalog products (sorry, this is download zip, so if you can't download it, go here and I will PERSONALLY mail it to you.)
I am sure there is something in it new that you have not seen yet. A few new goodies are in the mill too that I can't wait to show you!!!!

Okay, UPS just delivered the toner ink downstairs, so I gotta go...

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