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Prevent More Harassment and
Litigation Claims

I forgot to share this amazing workers' compensation litigation story when I first came across it. I believe no one saw the true beauty of its ability to illustrate how EAPs can make a difference.

Print this. Keep it. (
I received written permission to reproduce it.) Use it in training sessions.

It is a powerful piece for showing management, supervisors, and skeptics how employee assistance programs can reduce costs--both human and financial.

This story is about a Workers' Compensation litigation issue involving a supervisor who harassed an employee.

The instructive part of this story is the many points along the timeline where a competent employee assistance program could have played a critical role in intervention.

Download above and see how harassment in the workplace by a supervisor toward a worker had "umpteen" opportunities to be curtailed and how an EAP  could have helped make that happen.

Ask yourself: How many of today's EAP would integrate with these "Touch Points" highlighted in the story? What about your EAP?

Almost better than research is showing EAP action and opportunity for reducing risk in the workplace and limiting exposure to loss. Seeing is believing and decision-makers reviewing this story and the points mentioned will see what EAPs can really do.

Look at the highlights and notes I provided for you in this article. I hope you can see how this is a powerful instructional and marketing tool that might help prove the "value proposition" of employee assistance programs.

Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher


Daniel Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP, Publisher

1-800-626-4327 publisher@workexcel.com

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Daniel Feerst, Publisher
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