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Lessons from the World's Most Stressed Employees--South Koreans

If you think you have a lot of workplace stress, check out the 2012 Global Workforce Study produced by Towers and Watson and the plight of the average South Korean commuter.

According to the report, South Koreans are the most overworked employees and last place on being most happiest. South Korean employers aren't benefiting much from all the overtime.

There are big lessons to be learned from this study of the extreme.

Only one in six workers (17%) in South Korea are highly engaged at work.
Others are worried about their job security, their future financial state, and their retirement years.

At work, they lack the support and the energy level needed to sustain high performance and they donít have a positive connection to their companies.

Recent statistics released by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that South Korean employees work 2,193 hours per year, longer than in any other country.

The GWS study found that more than 70% of South Korean
workers did not miss a single dayís work due to illness or injury over the past 12 months. Long hours, however, do not translate to effective work
performance or higher productivity.

South Korean workers lack engagement at work for a variety of reasons: work-related stress, health issues, dissatisfaction with their supervisors and managers and a mismatch between what they want from their employers and what they actually

Read the report, but more importantly apply the lessons learned to your company! Recommendations are made by Towers Watson, and they apply to all work organizations.

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Daniel Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP, Publisher

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