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Okay, I've Got Your Back on Holiday Tip Sheets

Are you looking for holiday tips for employees. I know, you may be feeling desperate just about now. Don't panic!

True, I did not produce a 2012 holiday tip sheet, but don't worry, I am not leaving you high and dry.

Holiday Tip Sheets Solution #1
Did you get the holiday tip sheets for your free use that I sent in 2009, 2010, and 2011? If not, you're in luck. They are editable. If you did not use these tip sheets, then just change the dates! DOWNLOAD THEM HERE.

Holiday Tip Sheets Solution #2
Go here and download these or paste them. With proper citation, I believe anyone is free to use them. I was searching press release services this morning with my fingers crossed and found the following link. Check it out.

Did you get the information about Group 9 Reproducible Tip Sheets, which was sent a couple weeks ago? Included is a tip sheet on Holiday Eating. If you are interest in this new group--click this, print, and fax it. I will bill you in 2013!

Daniel Feerst, Publisher

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