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EAP Utilization: Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity, and Protect/Preserve Workforce Health With This Idea

Okay, I admit this idea didn't originate with me totally. I sort of borrowed it from the insurance industry. However, I believe it holds significant promise for the EAP profession to help employers, help employees, and help themselves. Stick with me. It might get a little "heady".

The National Underwriter, a weekly news/magazine for the property casualty insurance industry recommended a few years ago that insurance agents perform a periodic examination of a company's risks to discover those that are not yet "managed" as a way of finding more opportunities to sell insurance.

I found this interesting.

The term "unmanaged" in insurance-speak means no insurance policy exists for the problem yet. Some author called this discovery process "risk mapping." Then it hit me. Could EAPs spin this idea?

EAPs should do a annual report to help grow the scope of their services for everyone's good. Translation: Saving more lives and increasing productivity, etc.

EAPs can do the same thing, but let us call it "behavioral risk mapping." (I know, it sounds fancy, but sometimes a fancy name helps you get past the front gate.

This is not a difficult process to undertake, but it must be based upon everyday EAP experience throughout the year and your staff keeping their eyes and ears open for opportunities. HR will eventually help you a they begin to witness the value of the process.

Consider recording opportunities and events during the year where EAP's activities could have contributed to health, the bottom line, or the preservation of human life by way of loss prevention, risk intervention, partnering, and internal consulting if only you had the funding, clout, staff, permission, or access to make those interventions happen.

Go slow at first. Establish the tradition before slamming and overwhelming management.

Chances are you will quickly see how the EAP can help the company throughout the year - and increase your programís value.

Many EAPs complain that they are frustrated at a corporate host's not including them in strategic risk reduction discussions and planning. The process I describe will, or is likely to create, a pathway for getting invited to these highly appropriate meetings.

You'll become a welcome guest, not a pest.

Let me know if you would like to see the preamble to one report of this nature that I wrote, I will be happy to send it along. It will give you a better feel for what I am talking about.


Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher

1-800-626-4327 - WorkExcel.com




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