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An easier view of the "Respect in the Workplace Training" program is now available. You can examine it a little better and click the individual topics. Let me know what you think. LINK

You'll find the following preview buttons at the landing page I created. Providing respect in the workplace training is a smart move, and th number one reason is that it can save lives. Here's why:

Is management concerned with: harassment, bullying, unexplained and sudden absenteeism, poor tolerance of diversity and differences among employees, people not respecting each others space, loud noise, people not knowing when to keep their "mouth shut" (sorry to be blunt about that one), or simply unrestrained and impulsive behavior, and in appropriate criticism of others?

These relationship problems will mess up your productivity, zap morale, and you watch more people take "mental health days" away from work. Not good.

Many of these issues point to the need for improved workplace respect among your employees.

Still don't think educating employees about respect in the workplace could reduce the potential for violence?

It makes sense because many employees who perpetrate homicidal acts blame coworkers for provoking their behavior.

Respect in the workplace training is cheap compared to its benefits.

Here's the link:

Hope you have a good week.

Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher


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