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EAP Workplace Program:
Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace
Editable PowerPoint with Sound,
DVD, Flash Movie, or Web Course

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Do you believe that almost every mistake at work and every misunderstanding in the workplace has at its most basic level a communication problem? Many experts do.

You will probably never achievePreview with Click "nirvana" in the world of perfect communication among workers and organizations, but you can seek improvement no matter how good communication is now.

If you target communication improvement, your audience will never be bored. You'll have plenty of content for lively group discussion, and you'll get cheers from management who worry most about effective communication. It's one of their biggest concerns.

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This education program for the workplace is editable in MS PowerPoint, but is also available as  Web Course, Flash Movie, or DVD. 

Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher


Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP, Publisher

WorkExcel.com, 1-800-626-4327

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