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I started making E-learning courses using WorkExcel.com PowerPoints.

Here's one on Workplace Diversity. Course (TEMPORARY LINK)

Any of these topics are available as web courses from WorkExcel.com.

Almost anything WorkExcel.com sells can be a web course that
uploads to your website. They go on your website, not mine. You own them.
You keep them. You control them.

A "start link" or "launch" link can be e-mailed to one employee
or a thousand. Try it. Copy the link above and email it. (this is a temporary link)

Employees may confidentially visit your website by invitation or other promotion to participate in training.

Here's the legal benefit. Imagine having all companies participate in a web course like "Avoiding Workplace Harassment". Each employee gets an imprinted certificate with score that shows they took the course and passed the test.

I believe this is evidence that may protect your company from legal claims and punitive damages. Why?  In court, you can show you were indeed proactive, thoughtful, concerned, and showed diligence in educating employees in order to help prevent harassment.

Here is the link: Course (TEMPORARY LINK)

Yes. I could take your dusty Power Point and turn it into Web Course. I am busy as  dog, so you might have to bare with me. I can give you a proposal, but I even create professional voice overs for your slides.

One more thing, I can also take your handouts, policy, or forms and turn them into a PDF inserted into the course.

Web Course formats come with embedded handouts, quiz questions, and certificate of completion. They are rated for "30 minutes" but an employee can get through one quickly in about 15 minutes.

Have a great weekend. Any of these are available as web courses. Generally, you add $200 to the PowerPoint price to the get the Web Course.
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