New supervisory training in multiple formats for new managers
supervisor training and leadership skillls
Supervisor Training PowerPoint or Course
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. May I purchase this program for one flat price?
Yes. You own the program without having to lease, pay extra fees or subscriptions costs.

2. What is the key value of this program?
This group of skills allows supervisors to train quickly and intensely in areas where they may possess limited knowledge or experience.

3. Is there a program format that has test questions and issues a certificate of completion?
Yes. This is a web course format. Click here to have us e-mail the preview to you. The price is the same. The web course uploads to your website and will operate on any website. There is no linking or need to access our website. You own it. You control the program. It contains 30 test questions, answer check, professional narration, printable handouts, and certificate of completion.

4. What is the price for the program?
Find price information here with brochure.

Supervisor Training Skills and Options
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