How to Get a Job as a Teenager
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How to Get a Job as a Teenager

First, congratulations on wanting to find a job as a teenager. You've crossed the threshold and have completed the hard part -- desire. Most teens aren't as desirous as they once were 30 years ago about finding a job. So, if you want a job, it is probably because your parents are not giving you all the money you want and you want a more predictable way of finding a meaningful job.

1) Realize there are a ton of ways to make money and get a job as a teenager. But you have not heard of them yet. Yes, you know about washing cars and baby-sitting, but their are fascinating ways of making money that can help you in countless other ways you can't yet imagine.

2) There are more than 100 ways to make money. I have included them in this guide. Many can easily--easily--become your own business, expand, and supply you with a way to make money for a long time. So, get ready for some fun.

3) The fastest way to find a job as a teenager is to look at this guide. If you cannot afford the $7, simply click here: "I can't afford $7 dollars", and tell me honestly that you cannot afford this guide and I will mail it to you free. Don't worry, there is no cost or obligation. It is something I want to do to help others and give back. It is part of my volunteer activities. Please also ask your parents for the $7, if possible, before you email me, okay? Thanks. I know I can help you.

4) If you find a job idea that you are passionate about, this is what will really excite you and propel you. It is the key secret for how to find a job as a teenager. Motivation and desire = how. Do not ask me to explain this concept. It is very difficult, but if you are motivated and desirous to have a job (that is easier than actually trying to figure out how to find a job) you will soon find one. Your brain will react to your motivation and and desire to create the "how". Trust me. It works. So you first job is to get freaking excited.

5) The best way is to read about job ideas. And you will find over 100 of them in the guide on this page. Once you read them and feel "excited" and "desirous" as I mentioned above, the how will be easier to discover.

6) How to find a job as a teenager also is about writing down your skills. You have some. Don't think you don't. These skills probably related to what you like to do. Do you like sitting at a table and making things. If so, there are many jobs that use these skills.

7) Visit the following places to find a job as a teenager, but before you go, create a list of your skills and accomplishments. Use phrases like "constructed a garden" for my parents to plant seeds; improved the efficiency of my bedroom by organizing toys and personal effects; interviewed neighbors to obtain their orders for Girl Scout cookies; coordinated birthday party for my friends. You get the idea. Use words that sell yourself. Don't worry about not inventing the iPod. An adult will see that you are focused on how to get a job as a teenager, and will be impressed.

8) Now visit these businesses: visit the chamber of commerce in your town, the visitors center for a list of small businesses, the local government town or county offices and a list of all the small businesses in the area that have registered home businesses. Send these businesses your resume. Identify the jobs from the E-book above, and then include in your cover letter and resume the things you can do.

How to find a job as a teenager is not easy, I know. But with the tips above and the E-book on over 100 jobs, you will be on your way.